iVe v1.13 Released

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Berla is pleased to announce the release of iVe version 1.13.4.

This release introduces support for a significant number of Hyundai vehicles manufactured from 2011 to present, as well as select Kia vehicles. Discerning one Hyundai/Kia system from the others is best done by visually comparing photos, and this leads us to one of the most noteworthy new features of iVe 1.13.4.

With this release, iVe now includes photos of all supported systems for a given vehicle within the acquisition wizard. To see all supported systems for a brand, select only the make and leave the other vehicle drop-downs empty. Click the “Need help identifying?” link below a system/ECU name, and a separate window opens with photos and tips on what to look for to positively identify the supported system. With some systems the screen size is key, while in other cases it could be the appearance of physical buttons, settings menus, or other characteristics.

With the number of supported vehicle models now past 10,000, it is inevitably difficult to memorize all of the key identifying features of each and every system iVe supports. The improved acquisition wizard has been added in response to that challenge, and we hope that it will help users quickly and easily identify vehicle systems.

The last iVe release of 2017 includes a few other key features and enhancements. Besides adding support for Hyundai/Kia, this release also adds new acquisition methods for Uconnect 6.5 systems and additional data parsing capabilities for Ford and BMW systems.

New Features and Enhancements for iVe Desktop v1.13.4:

  • Added support for Hyundai/Kia systems
  • Added example photos of sytems to the acquisition wizard ‘Select’ screen
  • Added ‘Need Help Identifying’ page for each supported system, accessible from the acquisition wizard
  • Added an ‘Add other ECU’ button at end of the acquisition wizard for immediately acquiring a second system/ECU (where potentially applicable)
  • Improved the way media events are displayed in the UI for large datasets
  • Added method for acquiring Uconnect 6.5 systems that have newer firmware
  • Added parsing of USB connected devices for Ford SYNC generation 1 systems
  • Added parsing of BMW NBT web browser searches
  • Added connectivity instructions for newly supported Hyundai/Kia systems
  • Improved removal and/or connectivity instructions for numerous supported systems


Update your copy of iVe today by downloading the latest version from our support page.

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