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30 Dec

2015 “Year End” Wrap-Up

By Ken CaseAutomotive Cyber Security, Automotive Technology, Digital Forensics, Driver Privacy, GPS Forensics, Vehicle Forensics

2015 has been a year of strengthening our foundations and expanding our reach, with regard to our products and services. In addition to the digital forensics realm, we have established relationships within the accident reconstruction and insurance fraud investigation communities. In 2015, iVe’s supported vehicle list grew exponentially — including the addition of our first

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09 Feb

Enhancing Investigations with GPS Evidence

By Ben LeMereGPS Forensics

The value of collecting evidence from GPS devices has been well established over the last several years. GPS evidence has played a major role in several high profile cases ranging from terrorism to homicide to kidnapping. Most of the time as investigators, we tend to focus on collecting evidence as part of criminal investigations, however

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