iVe Feature Spotlight: Exporting XRY Files

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One of the most important additions in iVe version 1.11.4 is the ability to export files in .xry format. As users may not realize this capability has been added until they happen upon it in iVe’s ‘Tools’ menu, it is well worth taking a moment here to highlight the XRY exports feature and its importance to investigators.

Last November a strategic partnership between Berla and MSAB was announced, so the new export feature in iVe represents a logical next step in cementing that partnership. Berla is the global leader in automotive digital forensics and cyber security, and its iVe kit is the industry standard for acquiring and analyzing data from vehicles’ infotainment and telematics systems. Similarly, MSAB is a global leader in forensic technology for mobile device analysis tools, and its XRY suite ably covers the evidence chain through all phases of mobile device investigations.

In real-world casework, investigations that involve both mobile devices and vehicles in some manner are commonplace. In fact, virtually every crime committed today has the potential to involve a vehicle, whether in the commission of the crime itself or the suspect’s actions in the hours before and after. As infotainment and telematics systems become increasingly prevalent, eventually just about every crime that necessitates digital analysis will revolve around data stored on not only mobile devices but on vehicles as well.

Many people would be surprised to learn that the two data sources are not mutually exclusive when reconstructing a sequence of events for a case. Whenever a mobile device is connected to a vehicle system via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, some data from that device is stored in the vehicle. Potentially, device contacts, call logs, and SMS messages are stored and can thus be acquired in iVe, though the exact data types recorded will vary from one ECU to another.

Now that iVe users can export case data in .xry format, the resultant .xry files can be opened in MSAB’s tools such as XAMN, XAMN Viewer, or XRY Viewer for further analysis. The aggregate abilities of the iVe kit and the XRY suite combine to form a comprehensive solution for analyzing data from both vehicle systems and mobile devices.

Using the complementary functions of both, investigators now have a greater ability to view the big picture, conduct analysis on all the extant data left behind, and solve more crimes.

For more information about MSAB and its products visit www.msab.com.

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