iVe v1.11 Released

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Berla is proud to announce the release of iVe version 1.11.4.

Headlining this release is support for SYNC generation 3, the latest version of Ford’s SYNC systems that are used in much of the Ford lineup throughout the world. This particular system stores a wealth of interesting user data that is of an unprecedented quantity and magnitude. In order to parse and graphically display the SYNC generation 3’s velocity log data in a way that is useful for investigators, a new iVe feature has been added to graphically display velocity logs.

Put simply, a velocity log is a collection of data points, each of which includes a vehicle’s velocity and a corresponding timestamp. iVe users can view the velocity logs within the ‘Content’ section’s viewer, or in a separate window. Hover over any of the individual velocity points, and the timestamp and velocity are displayed for that point.

After having added this feature for the SYNC generation 3, the parsing and graphical displaying of derived velocity data (using tracklogs) was added for other systems as well. Additionally, iVe 1.11.4 includes the ability to export files in .xry format for use in MSAB’s XRY suite, plus several minor improvements to the user interface and experience.

List of New Features and Enhancements for iVe Desktop v1.11.4:

  • Added support for Ford SYNC generation 3 systems
  • Added ability to export files in XRY format
  • Added ability to print the timeline and export it to PDF format
  • Added ability to add comments to timeline items
  • Added new feature for parsing and graphically displaying velocity logs
  • Added ability to view velocity data correlating with tracklogs or events
  • Added ability to tag a velocity log image for inclusion in reports
  • Improved export grid functionality for all data types
  • Added ability to export Ford SYNC generation 3 velocity data
  • Added icons and improved other aspects of the UI, particularly for the timeline, velocity logs, and data export
  • Added removal and connectivity instructions for Ford SYNC generation 3
  • Improved connectivity instructions for all supported systems


Update your copy of iVe today by downloading the latest version from our support page.

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