GPS Forensics & Blackthorn Certification Course

Berla offers GPS forensics training to forensic examiners and investigators in the law enforcement community as well as the private sector. This training is focused on automotive, aviation, maritime, and handheld GPS devices.

This course is designed for all levels of experience and takes an interactive approach. A key component in all of Berla’s courses is helping students understand the technology within the targeted devices and how target devices store data.

Course Overview

The 3-Day GPS Forensics and Blackthorn Certification is structured to provide investigators with the necessary skills to acquire and analyze data from GPS devices and prepare them to qualify as an expert witness and to testify in court. This training will give investigators a good understanding of the Global Positioning System and the skills necessary to conduct a full forensic examination and produce a final report. This training class is a hands-on course and will provide investigators with experience acquiring and analyzing data from a multitude of automotive, aviation, maritime, and handheld GPS devices in a manner consistent with the best practices of handling digital evidence.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the training, investigators will have a comprehensive understanding of how to use Blackthorn and how the Global Positioning System works. The course will culminate with a practical exercise in which the investigators will be required to apply the techniques learned throughout the training by acquiring data from devices, conducting an analysis, and drafting a report. Investigators will also have the opportunity to take the written exam to obtain Blackthorn Certification.


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