Our team is comprised of the best technical talent from not only the digital forensics and media exploitation community but also the commercial sector. Our hardware and software engineers have built commercial products and have firsthand knowledge of how many of the types of devices targeted by our customers store and protect data. Our unique blend of subject matter experts and top-end engineers brings an experienced, diverse background to bear against any challenge and enables fresh ideas and innovative thinking to develop the best solutions.



We provide custom hardware and software development for government customers and focus on improving our customers’ ability to perform their mission. Berla has already proven itself able to meet the needs of today’s operators in the field. Our goal is to create solutions that not only use the most advanced technology, but also make that technology work for our customers and solve operational challenges.


We maintain partnerships with a number of leading consulting firms and offer select clients consulting services for civil litigation cases. A growing number of cases involve geolocation data and user data from vehicle systems. We have assisted with many cases that require unique skill sets and an advanced understanding of devices, file system structures, and encoding of geolocation data and vehicle systems.